Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


Can you cage tamed animals?


Yes you can. Also you can ride them or set them free too.


Epic the Dodo Rider, here I come!


The red, blue, green, and yellow ones like to breed down a level. Make sure you don’t go down at all like I did at first.


I think they follow you around if you have said food. I held apples in my hands and like 50 dodos rushed me and starting dancing around me. Is this true?


That is a lot of dodos… I haven’t even started breeding dodos, yet…


Well if you see it, its true xD


I’m not entirely sure yet, actually. My question is more to the fact if this effects Dropbears, Sharks, Scorpions, or Cave Trolls, being all hostile or sometimes natural.

(Btw that’d actually be like Minecraft, if you have seeds in your hand, chickens will follow you like a dog follows his owner XD)



Your tamed animals disappear when leaving a server. They return back when you join.

As what I found…


@SHAHMMM, Click on the picture to show full list.


So, the yaks. Where are they found? Also, do you get the yak skins by killing them?


You’ll have to plant wheat in “hilly” regions for them to begin spawning. I imagine the skins would require their death, though I haven’t even approached that side of it yet, so I wouldn’t know.


Ok, cool.


Yaks spawn with planted wheat no backwall. You can receive yak shavings using razors found at the tool bench. Get yak horns by killing them. Yaks spawn more at hilly regions.


You can spawn yaks with wheat pretty much anywhere as long as the wheat survives. They drop leather wheat and yak horns when they die and you can shave them to get fur


Dumb question, but do tamed pets die of old age?


by not getting fed


How many offsprings can a donkey spawn?.. If they can spawn more, will a tamed donkey keep spawning offsprings?

The almost complete list of guides

If you keep a tamed donkey in a pen by itself you will have a baby every spring. There is no limit to how many babies they can have


I’ve been practically waiting for years in game!

Yet, I simply cannot move to the next tier!

Please help! I know it takes time, but can anyone help? Nothing had changed!