Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


Narrator - And so, INeedPie’s great quest to get an animal named Pie begins…
Also I NEED a dropbear named Paddington! Paddington 2 is my FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME! It’s so emotional :sob:

Hold on, I’ve just had a thought. The rare names are mostly usernames… IS PIE NAMED AFTER ME?!

starts hyperventilating


Hey add to the rare name dark :stuck_out_tongue: just little suggestion hehe


And donut


I think pie is @Buddy9104. The rare names are named after testers as well as Dave and his family.


How do u breed dodos, donkeys, etc


Leave them in a pen with food, it also helps if they are tamed so they don’t die


How do u tame a drop bare



But how do u feed them?


Read the guide.


Kk thx


Tap on them with a pine cone when they are hungry.




Funnily enough, you can actually get my name in dodos, although it’s not rare and I doubt it was intended like that.


As in your real name, or one of your nicknames?


this guide really helped me!


One of the dodo names is Derpy.


I got a majicdave yak!


There really should be the rare name dounut donut. LOL!


I can finally fulfill my destiny and be a fish. This is my big break.