Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


How do u tame a drop bare



But how do u feed them?


Read the guide.


Kk thx


Tap on them with a pine cone when they are hungry.




Funnily enough, you can actually get my name in dodos, although it’s not rare and I doubt it was intended like that.


As in your real name, or one of your nicknames?


One of the dodo names is Derpy.


I got a majicdave yak!


There really should be the rare name dounut donut. LOL!


I can finally fulfill my destiny and be a fish. This is my big break.


I got mine naturally named Goliath


That’s cool Shariu! I got a ABCBOY unicorn.


I have an abcboy dodo. I feel like it’s more likely to get abcboy than majicDave for example.


Hey Guys how many color tiers of donkey are there?


12 donkey colours starting with the original colour:

Normal -> Brown -> Black -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red -> Purple -> Pink -> White -> Rainbow


How many times do you have to feed a cave troll before it’s tamed? Do you ride them and can you put them in cages?


You cannot cage them, but you can ride them.

It takes ten feedings of a gold coin to tame one.