Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


Brer was right too, you can’t cage a troll and put it in your inventory its possible.


Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


Rare name? I don’t think this was shown!

I am so satisfied with my find. @asyc :smiley:


Congratulations! You are the first one I know of to find a rare ASYC mob :+1:t2::tulip:


Cool! I breed way too many dodos, I’m at a count of like 500. ._.

Should add that to the “rare names” summary, btw!


@NYCCI, I found you. Happy Easter!


A rare name! Pie.
Named after Pie eating umbreon Buddy?


Are you a beta tester?


Then you probably won’t have a rare name. Oh well. You could always name your mobs after you.


My name is so rare that there’s a 0% chance that you’ll get it!


I assume either me or @Piequals3.14, the latter is more likely though since theyve been testing much longer than me. And if my name was a rare nickname itd probably be Buddy since thats what most people know me as. @majicDave can you confirm? :stuck_out_tongue:

Though itd be cool if it was me :slight_smile:


well hello there


There hello well


Can cave trolls die of hunger? Is a feeder chest for a cave troll really necessary?


I saw somewhere that they do not starve. But I’d put one just in case.


I can confirm that cave trolls will not get hungry once tamed. I had several of them and meditated for in game years and none of them got hungry, so feeder chests for trolls are not necessary.

On another note, look for an update to the guide in the next day or two. I’m hoping to work on it more and update the rare names and post the troll names when I get a chance


I have a little ASYC dodo too!

I’ll be posting my full dodo breeding shenanigans soon.


I just got the pie name in the middle of the discussion about it. :cool:


I have a dgpg dodo
I bet your jealous aren’t you :cool: :cool:


I named one after you on Atmos, so I’m not jealous :cool::cool::cool:.


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