Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


I got mine naturally named Goliath


That’s cool Shariu! I got a ABCBOY unicorn.


I have an abcboy dodo. I feel like it’s more likely to get abcboy than majicDave for example.


Hey Guys how many color tiers of donkey are there?


12 donkey colours starting with the original colour:

Normal -> Brown -> Black -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red -> Purple -> Pink -> White -> Rainbow


How many times do you have to feed a cave troll before it’s tamed? Do you ride them and can you put them in cages?


You cannot cage them, but you can ride them.

It takes ten feedings of a gold coin to tame one.


Brer was right too, you can’t cage a troll and put it in your inventory its possible.


Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


Rare name? I don’t think this was shown!

I am so satisfied with my find. @asyc :smiley:


Congratulations! You are the first one I know of to find a rare ASYC mob :+1:t2::tulip:


Cool! I breed way too many dodos, I’m at a count of like 500. ._.

Should add that to the “rare names” summary, btw!


@NYCCI, I found you. Happy Easter!


A rare name! Pie.
Named after Pie eating umbreon Buddy?


i am not a rare name. :confused:


Are you a beta tester?




Then you probably won’t have a rare name. Oh well. You could always name your mobs after you.


My name is so rare that there’s a 0% chance that you’ll get it!


I assume either me or @Piequals3.14, the latter is more likely though since theyve been testing much longer than me. And if my name was a rare nickname itd probably be Buddy since thats what most people know me as. @majicDave can you confirm? :stuck_out_tongue:

Though itd be cool if it was me :slight_smile:


well hello there