Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


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Can cave trolls die of hunger? Is a feeder chest for a cave troll really necessary?


I saw somewhere that they do not starve. But I’d put one just in case.


I can confirm that cave trolls will not get hungry once tamed. I had several of them and meditated for in game years and none of them got hungry, so feeder chests for trolls are not necessary.

On another note, look for an update to the guide in the next day or two. I’m hoping to work on it more and update the rare names and post the troll names when I get a chance


I have a little ASYC dodo too!

I’ll be posting my full dodo breeding shenanigans soon.


I actually had a cave troll vanish only to find it was trying to go back home. I sealed the mine entrance so it doesn’t try to escape.

Life pro tip: just name a dodo a rare name and claim you got one :slight_smile: nah I’m jk


I just got the pie name in the middle of the discussion about it. :cool:


I have a dgpg dodo
I bet your jealous aren’t you :cool: :cool:


I named one after you on Atmos, so I’m not jealous :cool::cool::cool:.


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Much appreciated


Most names and rare names should be here.


Rare names are universal for every mob as far as I know.


This accidentally spawned with his name :disappointed_relieved: I promise I didn’t rename it to dark is accident spawned that unicorn with his first name!! :sunglasses:


I dont know if this has already been asked… but does anyone know how many feeds it takes to tame a shark?


Oh darn that part didn’t update, sorry. They take 9 feedings


I heard it was eight, but I honestly don’t know. MFS told me.


Thank you so much (: I think im on my 6-7th feed hopefully I should get a tamed shark soon (:


9! What!!! This makes cave trolls sound worse.


I named a white unicorn sunny