Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


Just a general idea, because all yaks are named “Bob”, wouldn’t a yak farm be the easiest way to find rare names without confusion? :thinking:
I might try out this method at some point, or maybe someone else already has.


Good idea.




I’m trying to tame fish and doneys and no names don’t show!?!? why and what am I doing wrong?!?!


The name will not show until it is fully tamed. :slight_smile:

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Oreo did make it, I think they added it to the wiki right?


yea i think she did


I believe this one got added to the wiki @agentpinkdog, @Brer-Rabbit, @LilTanji: A Community Guide to Mob Breeding


Every time I try to tame a dropbear it dies before I can get it tamed. Is there some little trick to getting it to live longer?


Animal Feedings, by the way a shark takes 8 feeding to tame. view the link for more


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