Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide




I was going to quote a little bit but it crashed


You can fix it :slight_smile: wait let I explain how you see right side of your post then under it click the little pencil logo then remove everything you quoted after that try to quote again and make sure it does not get crash again hehe. Thanks!


I’ll just remove the post.


Thx now I have a pet dropbear!


I tamed everything except for dropbear, for some reason they always died before I tame it :sob:


That’s to bad




The trick is to start taming them as they appear and eventually you’ll get one tamed


I tamed one but then the tree died so it died instead of relocating


Also, I wish to take worms to spy on my enemies and loot their safes


Just relized this lily is a dodo