Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide

As everyone has seen in spoilers and in the update itself, 1.7 has brought the addition of tameable mobs in the game. This is the one stop shop for all things naming and taming! So here goes!

For all mobs, it is easiest to tame them if you start as young as possible. Yaks, dodos, donkeys, and sharks all have a younger form. If you start with a baby, it is almost guaranteed that you will be able to tame them as they grow up. They can be fed twice on the first day, and once every day after that.

Rare Names
Before we start, it should be noted that in addition to each of the names that the mobs will get as they are tamed, there is a slight chance to get a rare name instead. There are a total of 44 rare names, and these can be given to ANY mob during taming. There seems to be about 1% chance to find a rare name. Keep in mind this specific list is a work in progress



Yaks are a huge part of 1.7, allowing you to make plaster and luminous plaster. They eat one of the new plants, wheat, and will drop leather, wheat, and/or yak horns when they die. They typically take 5 feedings to tame, and it is fairly easy to gather the names for them, since every single yak has the name Bob, save for rare names. I particularly enjoyed creating Bob armies in every settlement I had.

Cool note, turn up your volume when feeding yaks for a funny surprise!

Dodos are by far the easiest mob to tame, as they only take 3 feedings. They eat apples, which should be fairly obvious as that is the way they have spawned into the game since they were around. They also have the longest list of names to be discovered, 244! The update also brought us baby dodos, which are personally one of my favourite additions. As mentioned above, if you feed the babies it is much easier to know when the next feeding will happen. Each dodo can be fed twice the first time, and once they have grown up can be fed once more the next day, which will tame them.


Another thing that the update has brought us is a whole host of new dodo types to provide us with renewable resources. The chart below shows the progression of the dodos. It is much more likely for a dodo to lay eggs of the next type if they are paired with one or more of the same type as them. Through some experimenting, it was discovered that dodos that are on a 3 block platform will not lay eggs of the next tier. All dodos are capable of laying their tier or the tier below them on any sized platform


Donkeys have also had a major change in the update. Along with dodos, donkeys can now evolve into all colours of the rainbow! All it takes is two or more tamed donkeys in a pen together, and soon enough you will have a baby donkey of the next colour tier. Once you hit the final tier prepare to be surprised at what the donkeys will give you next. Donkeys eat carrots, and take 5 feedings to tame. All donkeys will have a baby (if kept alone) after the first feeding as an adult, then will be available to feed again shortly afterwards. There are 69 donkey names to discover



Scorpions are one of the more dangerous mobs to tame, and can be quite difficult to tame as well. I found that they tended to die a lot before I could tame them, so you will have to have a lot of patience. But it is worth it in the end as scorpions will defend you at any time of the day, shooting at anyone who might pass by. They eat prickly pears, grown on cacti, and take 4 feedings to tame. There are 22 names that your new pet scorpion may spawn in with.



Sharks are another dangerous mob to tame, but if you start with shark buckets they can easily be contained enough to tame safely. They eat fish and take _ feedings to tame. You can find 64 different names for sharks, with my personal favourite being sharky mcsharkface. I am still working on finding the last name on the list



Cave Trolls
Perhaps one of the coolest mobs to tame is the cave troll. Cave Trolls are unique in the fact that they eat gold coins, and they take the most feedings out of any mob to be tamed. You’ll have to be very patient and wait a whole 10 feedings to tame one of these monsters. But once you do you can ride around on the backs of trolls and take them anywhere to protect you. There are a total of 35 troll names to find, but good luck, because they are hard to come across. I am also missing one name from this list that I am working on finding


Still need to post the list for this

A crowd favourite, and probably the biggest thing to ever come to the blockheads is the unicorn. Like donkeys, they have their own colour progression and take 5 feedings to tame. Hold onto your hats though, because these babies can fly! They eat rainbow cake, and it is totally worth keeping a whole herd of them. Who doesn’t like those sparkles that appear when they move. There are a total of 43 unicorn names to find.


There will be an occasional unicorn that takes 6 feedings to tame. From what I can tell, it’s about 1-3 in 22 that this happens.

They can also have their baby after the 2nd adult feeding rather than the first, this is about a 1 in 4 chance of happening. Doesn’t affect feedings, and the unicorn will tame immediately after having the baby

All of the mobs up to this point are rideable when tamed. Fish and dropbears however, are not.

Fish are also very easy to tame. They like to eat kelp and take 3 feedings to tame. There are a total of 63 fish names out there, and they can spruce up any place with a beautiful aquarium.


One of the more helpful mobs, dropbears will protect your base for you. They take 6 feedings of pinecones to tame, and you can find a total of 38 names. Keep them up in the trees as a useful ambush against night invasions.



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When we have a tamed animal and it has a baby, is is tamed automatically or we need to tame every animal seperately.

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You have to tame each animal individually, including the offsprings.

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Pet fish can also be named Ruby.

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