Oreo's Pixel Art


I want to start posting some of my pixel art and builds, and I’m going to start with my most recent build. I hollowed out an entire mountain, keeping its original structure. Then I made the entire back wall marble, and used it as a giant canvas. I’m in the process of turning it into a fully functioning base on my server, innova. I’m hoping to do many more builds in this world


Wow! Where did you build that on Innova?


It’s about 200 tcs to the left on an island. I’m working on some ideas for around spawn right now


Thats amazing! How long did that take you to build?


Ehh I started clearing my mountain about a week or two ago maybe? I started painting on Wednesday. Once the marble backwall was up painting isn’t hard to do. It looked pretty cool all cleared out


Epic!! Great idea… Cute pixels too :slight_smile:
:purple_heart:Thumper, Dory and Nemo!


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, originally I had planned to only have one huge pixel art but it’s a big mountain and I built tigger and had way to much left. So I just kept building and building. It was a fun project. Looking forward to building more in this world. I used to do A LOT of pixel art but it’s been a while


That looks fantastic! It’s like a mural.


This seems like an excellent way to make use of space - filling in mountains with pixel arts!


Forum, Oreo. She’s back y’all! Great job. And, I assume, the first of many to come.


This is the BEST thing that I have seen (pixel art) on blockheads! Bravo!


Welcome back Oreo! Your pixel art looks amazing!


WOW!!! *picks jaw up off the floor!

A whole mountain used for pixel art… fantastic idea… Mining a whole mountain out… it’s like working on ‘The Void’… then decorating it… whooo hooooo…


That is fantastic! May I Facebook this? :slight_smile:


Of course! I’d love that


That is just so cool. Pixel art ftw!!!


Too much Disneyness ahhh!


I’ve built another masterpiece! The most intricate pixel art I’ve ever done I think. The picture I was basing it on was super muddled together, and has a ton of brown which I hate working with in bh :stuck_out_tongue: however I think this project has made working with brown easier in the future


Nice work Oreo!


Love it!!! Such a BIG pixel art too…