Oreo's Pixel Art


It’s HUGE! Around 100x200. Took over 30 different colours


So THAT was the big pixel art! I smell an Epic Award here too!


This is amazing!!! How long did it take? My guess is about a month.


From start to finish I think it took about 12 hours. I did it all in one day. I was so excited to get it done


The detail… :smiley: Incredible work oreo!


What a beauty. It just puts a smile on your face! :grinning:


I’ve decided to work on some of my more difficult pixel art ideas. Finished the first of many!

Mama's Favorite 1.6 Builds

:what: :open_mouth: :heart_eyes_cat: :+1: :thumbsup:

Awesome!! just astounding… where is this made?


I’m doing my builds on a private server. I may open it up to visits in the future but for now it’s only me and people I’ve asked to join in


Gotta appreciate Tigger :smiley:


Awesomeness. :+1:t2:


Wow, just. Wow. That is just about the most impressive pixel art I’ve ever seen.


My goodness!!! That’s incredible. PLEASE open your server!!!


Wow those are amazing. My pixelart can’t even come close to that. :joy:


Wow. Just wow.

That is amazing! Would you mind showing a closer view of it please?


Oh my god. We have a pixel art master here! QUICK! HAND HER ALL YOUR EPIC AWARDS!

@EpicGamer101 Is “Epic Award” a real thing or something you made up?


That’s AMAZING! How long does it take and how many people/blockheads do you have working at once?


Her… :wink:


This one took about a week, since I have other stuff going on and I couldn’t just sit down and work on it. It was just me, and one blockhead working on it.

I’ll work on some closer shots once I’m back at my iPad. It’s easier on there


Here are a few close up shots of the build