Oreo's Pixel Art


You must have so much patience and an incredible attention to detail to create something so big so perfectly.


Oh my… these may be better than thuthu’s!


@Superfalcon123 No, Thuthu’s are more complex and bigger. Disney characters are easier to build XD


Lol, true


Wow! That is amazing! I need to try that sometime.


THAT FIRST ONE (and all of them)ARE AMAZING!!!


Everyone is so dedicated and talented but me lol


I’ve finished another build, I was surprised that it’s actually bigger than the wolf. I love it, but the snow is being fussy and giving it a different look than I had hoped. But here it is:


Absolutely stunning! I’m usually not a big fan of snow, but I actually think it compliments it really well!!


I love it with the snow on, I think it adds to the featheriness.


Now THAT is what I call Pixel Art XD


New build, I think this one is my favourite so far


ahhh ma gaaad… I have a few owls I want to do… that isn’t one of them, but dang I wish I had it… he he he Please DO come build on my pixel world… he he he kiss kiss… cake ready, ummmm… puppy dog eyes… he he he he


I think I’m becoming an Oreo fanboy lol


That’s beautiful! I love how bright the eyes are.



(No it’s not a complete sentence)


It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, (1 year!) but I figured I’d update you on some of my 1.7 beta builds, and my most recent build I just finished now!

The dodos on EoT


And some more dodos

Once gem blocks were finished in the beta I wanted to make a build with them, so I settled on this. I love how it turned out

Playing with some luminous plaster

And finally, today’s build. I built this on CoT, and it’s something I saw a loooong time ago and have been wanting to build since I saw it. I absolutely love how it turned out. The eyes are my added touch to it, and it’s my favourite way to use gem blocks


Well done! Oreo mostly in Heart of Notes part and its comes for music also I’m stunned I really loved it!!!


Oh my goodness! That’s true art!


Very impressive! :slight_smile:


OMGOSH Oreo those are absolutely breath taking! So much effort has gone into these builds. I’ve tried a pattern close to the panther and failed, messed it up so bad I pulled it down.
Well done for sticking with them! They are beautiful! :kissing_heart: