Our blockheads are drunk. Definitely

Are our blockheads crazy?
They spawn in wearing only underwear, they are caffeine addicted, and for some reason when they eat quality food smoke starts coming out their ears.
I mean, some humans are like this too, especially during quarantine… but…

  • Our blockheads are crazy.
  • Our blockheads are not crazy
  • I need coffee
  • Toilet paper
  • What is this forum anymore

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Is the food really hot though?

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I mean… it is kind of our fault cause we don’t let them make their own good decisions :tongue:

Get your tinfoil hats at your local store today.


i’m pretty sure they’re aliens from another galaxy which try to fit in with society but scorpions, cave trolls, dropbears, sharks, and David Frampton mercilessly bully them

David Frampton bullying them is kinda a joke, but technically he’s also responsible because he created them to be subjected to this kind of cruelty, #justiceforblockheads :joy:

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