Owner disappeared, no way to contact

The Problem:
Someone created a server for me called Candy Lands. (information visible in my About Me.)
However, they did not do the command to make me owner; they just admined me. Now I want to destroy everything, whitelist it, and change the name, but I cannot do any of those things because the owner has disappeared and I have no way to contact him.

Why I Want To Redo It:
The server is dead and nobody joins, but there is max credit.

(The owner won’t mind if I become owner and change a buncha stuff. He probably doesn’t care about the server anymore.)

So what do you want to do?

Milla (the community manager) will not transfer ownership without the direct express consent of the current owner.

Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can be done unless you can contact the owner.

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You should really just start your own server instead. :slight_smile:

i’m gonna be straight up… not happening

just hope they come back that’s about all

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Lmao I remember once there was this server called “star wars” and there were a bunch of people. Owner was pretty mean and I told her that the new Star Wars movies suck. I got temporary banned and when I returned a hacker took her ownership and she was so mad. Kinda deserved it

Nobody deserves their server to be stolen. That “hacker” must’ve breached the Owner Portal somehow… :thinking:

Probably. Owner was a real… mean person she was just toxic and annoying

But why though? :question:

that’s because they do, J.J Dumdum and Rian Pawnson are both complete morons

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I almost thought you said J.K. Rowling at first! :lol:

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I don’t spend real money on games.

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You’re going to have a hard time then.

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OMG BELLA!!! I’m pinkbunny24 from twice land!!!

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I knew that! That’s why I joined the chat room! :wink:

Ay welcome to the community! Have a cookie… wait I’m out of stock

Thank you for the thought, but I’ll make my own cookies. I’ll make peanut Butter chocolate chip cookies for PinkBunny. :slight_smile:

Please stay on-topic.


I’m considering getting rid of this topic honestly–

It is up to you. :slight_smile: