Owner Name : randomly Yellow or Blue in Chat

I don’t know if someone has mentioned this before, but I noticed this today. On my own server and my name turned randomly back and forth between blue and yellow. See pic: in chat my name started out Blue and then it suddenly turned Yellow.

Anyone else experience this?


When I’m typing my name will be yellow, but if I leave the stuff I said would be blue in the chat.

However, this is clearly yellow and blue in chat.

Hasn’t this bug been in the game since 1.7?


For me it’s always blue, after 1.7.3.

Yeah, I’ve had that ever since 1.7 came out.


What device are you using thu? I use an iPad Air 2 with iOS 12.3 and it is always blue. I have never seen the owner’s name yellow. Only the owner portal is yellow.

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While I’m chatting away in my world, I’m yellow, until I log out and come back in, and then chat turns my old messages to blue and my new messages are yellow. It’s been that way for me since 1.7 was released.
iPad mini4. IOS 12.3

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Weird! I’ll let Dave know.


Thanks. It was reported last year in Owner’s name is not yellow in chat as well.

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It happed to me also sometimes but never did a report for it on forums

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Same on my server