Owner only or spectating mode for out of credit worlds


Since 1.7 you can not visit a lot of the worlds you owned due to the credit system so what I a mess proposing is an owner only mode or spectating mode.

You would be able to build on the world but no one else would be allowed on except for you.

You can build on it but it may not save unless you have 100 time crystals in hand.

It will not credit it but it will save it to the backup of your world until you add credit again.

Again, only the owner of the world can join the out of credit world.


Sort of like a map of the world?




Love the idea. :smiley: Would be great to look back into the past.


I would love to see my beautiful Hidden again! And maybe European Palace


I don’t think building should be allowed. But maybe for a TC fee, anyone could see it for an amount of time determined by the number of TCs you pay.


I’d like to see my old world’s again.


Dave has to pay for the connections. I would make it a single player world where nobody can spectate. :wink:


Some users still have pirated TC. It’s a better idea to take some screenshots in memories before it runs out of credit!


shouldnt you just make a clone of the server in single player?


yeah like i did of our prison server.


then you accidently did a master reset on your ipad :lol:


I thought you triple posted because of the profile pictures :man_facepalming:


Me too