Owner portal for CoOwner



Well first I think you should add a CoOwner tag but to the main topic I think it would be nice if there was a portal for a CoOwner so if you can’t always check something they can I feel like this would improve servers security if you have a inactive owner get a active CoOwner so they can check the locks but not change the name or shut it down just be able to look at logs and reports I think this would be an awesome feature to have


Sounds interesting but you may as well just give out your owner portal password if thats the case. I’d suggest people don’t though.


Exactly why I think there should be one for a CoOwner


I don’t think another rank needs to exist. Because we already have admin


Yes but I feel like the coowner should be able to lock the serve etc


Having a single owner completely eliminates the issue of shared owner rights and conflict resolution, which we don’t want any part of.


What if it where just an admin portal where the only thing they could do is read logs and read (not delete) reports?


Basically a co-owner portal?


Yes basically


No, shared access presents the same headaches. You’d probably be surprised how many people change their minds about people. I deal with enough people disputing rights as it is. It’s not going to happen. One owner, one account has access. No extra complications.


Ok you can close this then if u want