Owner portal hacked onto

So, this is the third time I’ve had one of two people on my owner portal, one going by [redacted], the other by [redacted], I’ve been talking to a person who has been through and is actively going through the same thing as me and she has described the exact same situation of what I’ve been through for a third time now. They get into the owner portal no matter how strong the password is, ive gone as far as to buy a password generator and it still isn’t prevent the issue. I cannot even enter my server now without the game completely crashing and not functioning for about ten minutes.

Redacted named people. Naming and shaming is not permitted here - milla

Have you been logged in the portal in a shared device?

Could you elaborate on this part?

It opens up the welcome message but the entire thing is white, there’s no text box or background, just a white screen, my game then freezes then crashes and then if I open up the game at all it’ll show a white screen that clips to black then crashes.

No, I’m not sure how to log in with another device.

What do you mean?

My bad, that was a delayed and was meant for the previous question but I shouldn’t say I don’t know how, it’s just I don’t know an efficient way so I haven’t bothered.

The only person who can really help you is @milla

I’ve never heard of the the owner portal getting hacked despite a good password. So that’s news.

I pretty much made this to get her attention to the subject because no one else has seemed to post about it but I know it has been happening to a good few servers.

I’m going to private message you to get more information, so I can investigate.

Alright, my bad for the name and stuff, I just thought people should know who to avoid and try to prevent from going into their worlds… and I have their discords if that helps at all… I’m not entirely sure what information you need me to get but name it and I’ll get it done, because I really don’t want this happening to anymore people.