Owner Portal Problems

Please help I don’t know how to access Owner Portal… is it possible to use it on mac? How do I get a username and password?? Please Help!!!

If you join the world, then pause, you can get to it from the pause menu as follows:


Once you have set a password there you can access it from any browser by loading the site and logging in with your world owner IGN and that password.

@Milla do I need an internet browser to access owner portal from when I am on the world? Or is it through the blockheads?

you need an Internet browser, the button will redirect you to your phones browser

Yes, you will need Safari on your iPod.

I can’t get safari on my iPod as my mum won’t let me… is there anyway that I can create the account on the Mac??

The link to the owner portal is portal.theblockheads.net
I think you’ll need to get to the owner portal from your iPod/iPhone/iPad app in The Blockheads on one of your servers to create an account and there will be your IGN and you’ll put a desired password for it.

I’m afraid that first time it has to be in Safari. After that you can use any browser. Only from the game to Safari can your right to access a particular account be verified.

You don’t need to install Safari as it’s already in your device when you buy it.f


Yes I know but my mum disabled safari and I’m not allowed to use it on my iPod

You might like to ask her if it can be enabled to do this one thing, then she can disable it again. Explain it’s a one-off security measure to set your password in a game, so she understands you’re not doing anything dangerous.

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