Owner probably not coming back, need help supporting the server (RESOLVED)

Right first of all sorry if I posted this in the wrong place because I’m currently writing this at 12am with like 2% energy anyways basically, the server I’m in called Super World… Well the owner hasn’t come in 2 weeks and has no sign on coming back, for preparation I need someone here to be able to support the server/add credits to it just in case he’s actually gone for good. Did this make sense? Probably. I dunno. 12AM Writing Gang.

Nvm I don’t think this makes any sense

Think I’ll just redo this later or smth

Sorry but…

I can’t recommend anyone support a server where the owner no longer plays. It’s a great way to waste your time and money.

  1. If an admin goes rogue, too bad. The owner won’t fix it, and no other admins have the power because the rogue admin would remove everyone.
  2. If the server gets heavily griefed (whether by a hacker or not), you had better hope it’s repairable. You can’t get support to do a rollback since that is reserved for the owner.
  3. Nobody cares about a server like it’s owner. Sure, a couple admins might keep it alive for a while, even a long while, but an active owner is the only way for a server to be sustainable. There’s a reason Rabbithole lasted so long. When the owner left the game ownership was transferred to an active admin. Other worlds where the owner no longer plays (or plays very occasionally), even massively popular worlds like City of Stars are completely dead now.

Yeah, I’m confused…

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Ok so basically, the owner has basically disappeared for 2 weeos now and I don’t think he’s coming back. Because of this I need someone to be able to support the server via credits.

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I’m admin there with 2 other guys, we really like the server and wanted to support to but we don’t have money so we’re trying to find outside sources.

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Why post it in public?

because it’s how we’re going to get help

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This is not a good idea. Please see my post in your thread about world threads in the Meta forum.


@galaxycolors here:

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This has been resolved.