Ownership Sign Help, Please?



I just reopened my server for the first time in 2 years and was happy to come in contact with all the new features. Unfortunately, because I’ve been absent for so long there’s some things that new players will ask that I have no idea how to answer.
One of my Mods was having trouble placing his ownership sign, and so was a couple of other players. I made sure that no other ownership signs were near and gave them their own sign, but it wasn’t letting them place. Is this part of the update? I had to place all of their signs for them (and put it under their name ofc). I don’t remember this happening when I was playing it earlier :frowning:


Only admins (blue names, but I’m sure you know that) can place down signs. You’ll have to open the sign settings and select their name to let that player build in that area.

It’s been this way since the creation of ownership signs. The only change this update brought to ownership signs is the ability to change the size of the area the sign protects


Only admins(and owner) can place and use ownership signs :slight_smile:

( i never knew mods used to have that ability to use signs)


Oh, I didn’t know that! Sorry for the confusion, it must’ve not have been a feature at all. I think I might have been admin on the servers that I’ve placed the signs in :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I had no idea omg— thanks for the fast reply! I’ll be sure to let them know :slight_smile:


Merged double post. Please edit your post if you wish to add to it like that.


Yeah that’s an interesting one.

I was made admin, and tested a lot of things. But I have made moderators and I know for a fact they have less powers than me.

Unfortunately placing signs is one of the few things they are just incapable of doing. Makes sense since more more power means more responsibility. As I understand it it, mods can help with watching over players and banning bad ones. Pretty sure that’s it.


You can get signs if youre not admin if an admin drops it and you pick it up. You still cant use it though.


Mods cannot place ownership signs. Only admins and owner can.