Ownership Signs that could invite people in


Like the title says ‘Ownership Signs that could invite people in’ with that you can invite people in your ownership place and regular people could change and take away. I would also like to see people putting their own Ownership Signs. Another idea is to divide the Ownership Sign by color coordinate and have different names in each color within one sign (if they can share that space that would be nice too) the sign would be controlled by one regular person so that person would be incharged of his or her Ownership Sign all it is giving the Ownership more options. Another option is rentals within the Ownership Signs (you can pay them for time in the hotel (or house however the people want it to build)) This goes with the color coordination nicely. People always asks me that they are building a hotel, but cannot truly function properly because of the Ownership Sign and not have control over the people’s needs with only one owner.image


This is a cool idea, but with 1.7 the ownerships sizing space can be much smaller therefore, if you were to make a hotel, each ‘guest room’ would be protected without the need to divide a sign.

I do get you with the ‘inviting people in’ it is annoying when you would like to enter their house/property and they have to destoy the door or ownership sign to allow you entry.