I’m making a new private server for tc mining and figured even though it’s 16x too many people would be too stressful there’d be no tc left eventually

I’m gonna put 16 people on the whitelist excluding myself (and it’s a Mac server it’s also excluding wingy who can mine too if he would like) comment below and I will add who I want out of the people interested just comment your ign I’ll pm if I add you or not I won’t say on here

Rules are common sense no cussing no hacking no duping if I add you I trust you not to cuss I trust you not to be rude and such


I’m WAIII on the Blockheads, and I would love to join your server when I get the chance!

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I don’t think I’d be able to mine any time crystals before everybody else does. Even with only 16 people or so, I can’t imagine that resources near spawn will still be around.

There’s places besides near spawn

I would like to be whitelisted. my user is wyllowinglego42. DM Me on discord if you have whitelisted me (user: wyllowinglego42#7426)

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