Paid for server world, failed to actually create it

I’ve tried creating four server worlds, 2x 7 days and 2x 30 days. Tried a few times throughout the day as well as different world sizes. Even tried searching for the world names but no luck. @milla

Got this message everytime but the payments all went through

Had the same thing happen to me ;(

Was there any fix you figured out? After googling it I found a few other posts (including yours) with the same issue and they were just referred to milla to get it fixed

I haven’t found any other fixes. I asked a friend and they said it took two weeks for them to get a response.

Yeah from what I’ve seen there’s only two people that are able to help with this particular issue and its also the end of the weekend so I’m sure they’ll be busy with other things. I’m okay with waiting, but obviously the sooner the better lol

Yea -^-;;

If your device is android, message Email Noodlecake studios. (Support at
If it’s on iOS, email Support at

[broke email addresses - milla]

Alright, will do. Thank you.

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Yeah, you should do as they did.

Pretty sure you have to split up the emails into something like
support (at) theblockheads (dot) net so they don’t get picked up by spam bots.

Please don’t put intact email addresses in your post, and read this:

@PKr I will reply to your PM shortly.


Will remember for next time.