Paid for sever I cant join :(

Hello old player returning to the game I recently made a private world but didnt load into it and i still got charged?


Are you playing on Android or iOS? There seems to be a problem with Androids not authenticating with the cloud correctly. PM @milla if you want the world, or email Noodlecake support if you want the money back and are on Android.


If it’s Android then this thread might help know what to do:


Thank you guys for the help I just sent an email to the android support so hopefully it works out I just want my world and yes its android.

Which version of Android?

I think you can also PM Milla to help get the world created for you. You’ll need proof of purchase like a screenshot of the Google receipt.

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Galaxy s9

If they updated today, Android 10. If not, Android 9.

Are you after the world or a refund? If the latter then Android support will get back to you eventually. If the former I will private message you to sort this out :slight_smile:

The sever if you could please @milla

I’ve just replied to your PM :slight_smile:

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Can I get my server too @milla