Paid for world credit, didn't get credit

I get on to the Blockheads. I add credit to my server, specifically 30 days. According to Google Play, payment is successful. However, I get an error saying “Unable to add credit: Please ensure you are connected to the internet and have updated to the latest version of the blockheads. You may also be trying to use a nickname that is already taken.” The game is up to date, I’m connected to the internet, and my nickname is not taken.

I go to Google Play and I see that $3.18 was deducted from my balance, and I got nothing for it.

I try joining the server, and it says “Out of Credit.” Adding credit gives me the same error as before.

@milla can add credit for you I believe.

Sorted :slight_smile:

Someone reported a similar bug earlier this month.

It’s not a bug. It’s a transaction issue, and they occur in every game I’ve supported. I deal with them as they occur.

@milla can you explain me the process like how you sort it?

Yeah, this happened to me once on Apple. It’s easy to fix, you just have to notify Mills and she’ll add it for you.

If the client device contacts Apple, but the success message from Apple doesn’t come back to the client app the credit is not applied. I can’t help that, or sort that. I can add the credit, however, either by adding credit to the world, or creating the world and moving it to the customer’s SID.