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Would a monthly subscription like that make sense in the current state the game is in? I don’t think it would provide a return on investment.

50-100 for $2, 200-500 for $5, and 1000-10000 for $10.

Still too much tc it’s $35 for 10000 tc

I think the way it is now is good. They make money from ads, and also very generous with the amount of time crystals. now I can teleport between islands and not spend ten minutes tilting my screen.

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It’s not breaking even because there’s no marginal cost to issuing new TC. Therefore any revenue obtained from selling additional TC is positive profit.

Sure you could try to argue that the new subscription system cannibalizes the existing sales of TC but there’s also no evidence of that.

There’s no marginal cost, yes that’s obvious as I said it’s “virtual” but they’d be ultimately losing profit on 50 TC a day for $2.00

If you had the utility curves for the customer and can show that the cheaper option gives more utility, then yeah it can be assumed a rational person would go for the cheaper option.

But it’s also valid to say that a rational customer would not be as sensitive to the pride and just wants all the TC at the same time (instead of subscription wheres it’s over time), then the utility curve for the customer would show that they’d rather buy the one time payment even if it’s less economical.

As a result, you don’t know if a person was always going to buy the subscription (like they’d never even consider the one time payment) or if they normally buy the one time payment but this time in particular chose the subscription.

In the latter case it might seem logical to say that the 2 dollars extra that could’ve been earned if the subscription model wasn’t in place is indeed “lost” due to cannibalization.

In the former however, it’s not lost profit because the customer never would have chose the one time payment. They’re a completely new customer and therefore actually expands the company’s customer base. There’s no lost profit here because the company would either receive 0 dollars from them or the price of the subscription. In this case, the price of the subscription is preferable.

I’m an accountant at the best program in the US. :slight_smile:

Has it been established that there would be a one time subscription purchase, if so how much?


For definition purposes:

Subscription refers to the proposed subscription. Subscription would mean that the TC is spread out over time.

One time refers to the current IAP system where you can make a purchase in a //one time// purchase.

Yes, I’m wondering how much that option would cost.

Interesting question because the TC might not even account for the largest portion of the cost. The OP mentioned “premium servers”. If that’s even a thing, that would cost more than the cheapest option of 2.99 USD per month for a “normal” server.

So let’s assume a “premium server” (if such exists) costs the devs 4 dollars per month to host (as opposed to 3 for normal). The next step would be for the devs to guess how many premium servers the average subscriber would want to make. Let’s assume if you subscribe, you’ll make on average 2 premium servers. That’s two extra dollars in hosting costs that’ll have to be added to the subscription price (in addition to whatever the TC might be worth at a discount).

This assumes that the subscription owners would still have to pay for servers (the 2.99 minimum cost, the additional premium cost is just included in the subscription cost)

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I didn’t expect this many replies saying that they would be losing money for this, I just thought that this would be an easy extra way to earn money to grow the game. :wow:

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I’d like this!

If I had such money, I’d spend $25/month on this.

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It’s because we actually want this to happen


Well, the developer isn’t actively working on the game anymore.

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Well, then they can use that money to work on Sapiens, and when they are mostly finished with the game, they can start working on The Blockheads a little more.

I think this would cause issues with multiplayer, if your admin you would either not have the admin colors and could have issues. Or you would have admin colors and not have your benefits.

considering the fact it’s not even as common people legitimately pay for credit as much as people who don’t, i’m not sure if it’s logical to add more things people could potentially pirate, but i do like the general idea that you’re throwing out here

Sapiens doesn’t cost Dave anything but time until he starts publishing it. Earnings from Blockheads goes into paying the Blockheads overheads.

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The Blockheads is no longer worth the investment to Dave. Sapiens is where the investment is at. :slight_smile:

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