Paint Changes color mid-bucket


Well, this has never happened to me before…

I’m painting and suddenly the color changes mid, queue.

You’ll see from my pic, there are no other paint colors in my inventory… and that the bucket has NOT run out of the dark green paint.

Ok. So, then I tried… putting that top bucket in another slot and using the next bucket of dark green paint to see if that would switch back to the right color.

Nope. It completely changed colors.

This was yesterday. I’ll check to see if the dark green color has returned.

Has this happened to any of you?


Never happened to me and that doesn’t look like a normal shade of green at all. But you cropped the inventory. I have been surprised when a bucket ran out and the BH started using another color. But I trust that didn’t happen here.

if you have more dark green in a safe somewhere else will your “new green” stack on top? And do those other paint buckets give the same new color? (wondering if it was inventory corruption of your paint). Was this the same inventory where you had that crazy unknown?


If you select the pic… you will see the inventory

Oh. good point. I’ll go check to see if other paint colors end up looking like this.






This has been driving me batty. I checked colors… remade paint… still this was happening.

Then, I broke the block to replace it to see if that would do anything.

Well, I realized that I had accidentally placed an illumiplaster block instead of plaster in that one spot. Paint was the same. Color change brought on my different block material.

Ok. All is right again in the world. Just stupid user error.