Paint color list


This is a list of paints sorted by hue, and then by lightness. If you want to find a close color without your eyes, you can also use my paint color estimator.

My tulip breeding program!
Tan Paint
More colour options for paints
A rainbow
The almost complete list of guides
Paint glitch

awesome! It really helps me to see this list. I’ve been having trouble mixing colors lately.


Thankyouthankyou thank you so much!!! I really wanted that blue!!


You’re welcome. Just one warning-these are approximations of the color on the paint bucket icon. It might look different in the final result, especially on different blocks.


Oooh! This is exactly what I came on the forums today hoping for. My paint projects are in need of help, lol. Thank you for posting it!


It’s about time! Finally there’s a perfect paint color guide!!!



… (speechless) Wow, that’s so complete and detailed. Thank you so much for posting this!


Just 1 question… What are the numbers for? I have never painted anything so I guess I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:
OH! Nevermind


Few months ago i started making something like this too, but i stopped after i realised i didnt used the correct colors for each pigments, some combinations were the same, but i used three totally different pigments. Nice guide.


Thanks for posting this!


Ditto. By the way, Master Chief (117) is PINK(italics)?


?? I don’t get what you mean…


Wow thanks this really helped me in making my clothes:D


Thanks abcboy. I always wanted to know what each combination made. :smiley:


Thanks this will be relly use full
blockheadbean should stiky this


I agree. This should definitely be a sticky note for this Forum. This is something that would need to be seen multiple times when making new colors. :slight_smile:


I second that anybody else in agreement say I :smiley:


Yea, I agree as well. It’s useful from pixelart to just random stuff. Btw, mind if I borrow your eyes for a sec?

This is Cobalion, a Pokemon that inspired my pseudonym. What combination of colors look like its body color? Thanks for reading/contributing!


How do you get the paint out of a bucket?


Skin: Either 8-8-5 or 8-6-5 (Both were hard to choose between)
Horns and Shoulder blade: 7-4-4
Face, Ankles, and Tail: 2-1-1 or 7-6-1 (Either one works)
Top of Head, Hooves, above ankles, and dots on body: 2-2-1

Hope this helps you out CobaltAthos. :smiley: