Paint color list


On the dye bench to make a coloured shirt it want 1 pigment but i have the colors but it still asks for 1 pigment :frowning: not a certain color , the pigment is multi coloured


I can make the tardis with all these different shades now… :open_mouth:


You can use any color.


When you want to colour clothes, have one or two pigments, either red, yellow, blue, white, black, green, purple… Plus bucket of water and whatever else it would require. When you dye a garment, you can chose 3 colours… Play with the mix and see what fsbulous fashions you will create. Plus, show off your garment by posting a photo, if you can. I am still trying to figure out how…

Hope that helped.


Sooooooooooooooooo(1 hour later…) oooooooooooo useful! I am saving this. This, I need. This, I really need. Without this, I wither. JK. But never mind. Thanks for making this!


I am sorry for bumping but I had a question related to this guide…
Using this guide for making paint is excellent! But am I also able to use all the shades in the list for clothing?
Fur, Leather and Linen? Would the colours change when I dye Fur and Leather considering they are darker?


They change a bit, but I can search something how it will look, pretty sure I have seen it somewhere

Edit: Found it with the regular textures


Is it weird to know most of the paint combinations by heart?
All the same this guide is great , even if dont need most of the list :slight_smile:


Not if you do pixel art a lot, I used to know the combinations for brown by heart, and I think I can figure them out if Im on the game


Wow, this is so great! Now I can paint my pixel art and do hue rainbows :slight_smile:


I recently posted that tertiary combo list to our FB page. It went down well :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m new to the forums and I’m sorry if I’m not doing something right (like if I made you angry because I bumped and stuff like that). Anyways, I have one question, is that list the complete list of combinations? I want to make a paint emporium and I am eager to collect and put every single paint in the emporium…


It’s my understanding that so long as you are contributing to the thread, bumping is allowed. So, to answer your question, yes, this is still the go-to chart for paint colors.


Isn’t that dredging though?


Yes, but it’s permitted if their post is relevant, and in this instance it can’t really go anywhere else. If someone posts in a thread four years later saying they like paint it would be dredging in breach of the rules, but this one is fine.


Those colors be looking like the walmart paint samples