Painting colors


I have a red/yellow picture in my gallery that I want to paint. I want to know what color combination it is to make it look normal I know it had red ochre and copper blue in it I think


It’s always good to add a color based on its shading , is it light or dark — try black or white on the painting , it balances color for me.


Then what shade is red and yellow
My opinion is Red kinda dark and yellow is light


Are you are talking about painting a painting , or a bucket of paint?


Painting a picture


Ohh okay , well I’d try black — it usually contrasts it


I believe any multicolor picture painted with red orchre, ultramarine blue, and Indian yellow will look normal in color.


Try yellow, red and black.


Time to explore the whole world to find a Lapis!
@WumboJumbo also to find a mango!


And don’t forget red marble!


Good luck :sweat_smile:
An alternative is just to meditate for a specific pigment. Or you can try some of the other color combinations


Red marble…?
I think that’s clay for red ochre but if it’s about rare majic things then
Time Crystals!
Cave Trolls!
And so on


Oh yeah… I forgot the red pigment is made with 10 clay… oops…


You should try the Skeevatron!


I used Ketchup Mustard and Mayonnaise to make this pic on my Fish shop
(red ochre, Indian yellow, marble white)

Blends well with the restaurant atmosphere and my tulips :smiley::smiley::smiley:
But now I need a white “Mayonnaise” tulip