Paintings Disappear

My paintings keep disappearing! When I craft them, they work fine, then I put them down, they will work fine…THEN…I rearrange it, and it…TURNS INTO AN INVISIBLE PAINTING!!! The point is, you can still pick it up, but you can’t ACTUALLY SEE IT. This has happened to me about 15 times now, it happens 60% of the time.

Then there’s the other glitch, I craft it, then there’s a connection issue, when I come back,a I finish crafting it…THEN…NOTHING HAPPENS. I wasted my materials, no picture came. THAT has happened to me about 7 times, but it’s only a 35% chance. This is so annoying, especially that The ochre made from Lapis Lazuli is hard to get, plus, I can’ tinder any more clay around, and I have to BUY it. :frowning:

Sorry to hear it! Does this happen in singleplayer, multiplayer, or both?

It only happens in Multiplayer, it has something to do with lag, I’m sure…

Maybye you should try disconnecting from the server then reconnecting back on

I’d be interested to hear what happens from a different network. Do you have any friends who use a different ISP to your family, that you can visit to test?

I too have had this problem, does it still have the crafting thing on the easel after its done crafting? If so just tap around and que thing and it should come to you, or dont log out while its crafting.

@Lilly Cat I’ve already tried that.
@Milla I’ll try it now.
@Endergod no, it’s never on the easel, the picture I mean.

Having the same problem in my friends server Im on an ipad 2. I made a large square picture of a dodo named jerry the dodo king. And I wanted to paint my house so i removed it and i lost him. And my easel. Any coments.

Are you having the same problem, or did the item actually cease to exist? It seems like your problem is different from what you have posted.

Also, are you seeing performance issues when this happens?

Is it running iOS 9? If so, you’re likely experiencing very poor performance.