Okay so because the maple seed has no unique use I decided to make one: Pancakes!
They would be crafted with 2 eggs and 1 milk and 1 flour and it would require another item maple syrup. This would be obtained by making a metal tap that you would put in a maple tree to get a bucket of maple, you would put this in an electric stove to make it into syrup. After you have all the ingredients you can craft pancakes. (2 eggs 1 flour 1 milk 1 bucket of maple syrup.) this would give you a stack of pancakes. The properties include giving you full energy (not yellow charged) and half hunger. This is not a joke suggestion as I think it would fit in the game quite nicely with pizza and cake.


Only problem is in real life it takes 40 buckets of sap to make an equal bucket of surup, so pancakes would need to be very filling to make it worth while. But love the idea!

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Maple seeds make maple trees. They’re great if you simply just need trees for their sticks and wood.

I mean yes. But all other trees do that and have unique uses as well. For a quick wood supply pine tree works best for me.

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If there is an update I hope this is added it would be so cool!

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I wish we had this. My blockheads deserve something sweet, too—rainbow cakes are for unicorns and rich people!

:pancakes: :pancakes: :pancakes:


I don’t think there will be another update.

Yea that’s true, maybe one day…

Maybe bug fix updates, but nothing in terms of content.

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won’t happen lol dave quit this game


I know :dodo: