"Participation" option for PvP in custom worlds


Rather than asking an admin to set health to whatever difficulty instead of infinite on a pixel art world, it makes sense for players to be able to choose whether or not they wish to participate in PvP with a toggle in the menu. This only works if the owner or an admin toggles the health option to “participation”.

Utility: Player pvp or tournaments set up by the players. Also, an admin doesn’t have to be on to toggle health into infinite afterwards.


Interesting. :slight_smile:


Love this idea. No more spawnkill! Would default be off?


Indeed! :slight_smile:


@Celadon, I’m not understanding your OP.

  • Does this make PvP enabled worlds non-PvP for players if they turn off the switch?
  • Does this make non-PVP worlds PvP if the Owner turns on the switch?
  • Don’t players choose whether or not they want to be involved with PvP by just deciding to join a PvP world?
  • Can’t the owner just set up a rule of the server to say “no Spawnkills”?
  • If it makes a PvP enabled world non-PvP (as on option for the player at their discretion), couldn’t this be abused during PvP battle?

It may be clear for everyone else, I may be misreading your OP. I just haven’t had my coffee yet. :coffee:


When a staff member isn’t online, that rule can be easily abused.


Worry about the important things first! Coffee is of the utmost importance :slight_smile:
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Now, onto the reponse

(I’m responding to bullet points without bullet points of my own for readability. Each space between paragraphs is leading to the next bullet)

To the first two bullet points, the answer is no.

When you join a PvP world, there’s usually two things in mind by toggling PvP on. One, this is a PvP based server, and two, PvP is enabled for special times or for certain players. Ignoring the first condition because it isn’t relevant, we’ll move on to condition two. Say, @Cakey1391, my sister, and I, want to fight each other on Pixmilla. However, no admins are on and we don’t want to wait for an admin to come on before pvp is enabled. When we joined Pixmilla, we had the intent of building pixel art, but we built this awesome arena and we want to fight in it. So there’s the conflict.

(Part of bullet 3) And another example, a few days ago TheFoil was holding his party. However, the admins forgot to turn on infinite health, and Donutask died. This could have been resolved by Donut not participating in pvp until an admin came on.

Ziameter responded to bullet 4. Also, I’m not sure I see the correlation. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be abused during PvP, but in that time frame players can/will report you for “pausing” as it is a bannable offense on lots of pvp servers. Also, the primary function of this is for events and pvp set up by players. That means there’s no point in cheating since the function is to have fun. You’re meant to be able to die without serious repercussions in such an event anyways.