Party world survey


I’m going to make a server that people can borrow for parties and other occasions, what seatings should the world have?

  • Custom
  • Survival

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Custom will allow me to build it faster but survival will let people take prizes from mini games and such home.

Would you use this service?

  • Yes
  • No

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Add a “Maybe” option.


So by borrow is it free?


Yes but you have to ask

@Santeeisweird9_real can’t add it now


I like the concept!


Sounds good!


It would be nice to be on survival, since people could pay you in coins to get their “party”, and you could make some profit.


Might use cause this 19th is my bd.
Would have password or nah?


honestly so creative and awesome! love love love, if you wanted any help with “party games” would love to assist


The person requesting to use it will tell me all the In game names of everyone they want to join, then I’ll whitelist them for the day


I’m going to make it custom, I don’t want to have to make portal chests, bring everything there from servers/worlds I worked hard on to have someone destroy it lol


Any type really

Doesn’t even need to be a party really


Would there be like a signup form?


Yes but it will be rather short


Should there be a trello for this?

Idk, maybe for party staff and stuff…