Password Breach?

image saw this in my google account.

Check it as soon as possible.

I did

Were you using a strong password? Did you use the same password on any other websites?

Change your password. I also recommend enable two factor authorisation, if you haven’t already.

Sorry, I thought this was about the forums password. Ignore me.

It probably doesn’t help that the owner portal is unencrypted, not to mention that it doesn’t have any form of two-factor authentication.
Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 5.49.22 PM
I have seen multiple cases of people having their owner portal credentials magically stolen from them, along with the culprit completely screwing with their owner portal and changing the username/password. If this doesn’t explain why, then I don’t know what will.

It seems like you’re another victim of this major security flaw.

Possibly, or since there are fifteen compromised accounts maybe someone is using the same password for multiple accounts and needs to tighten up their security.

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That is also a possibility.

Why can’t you guys encrypt the op?

I noticed yesterday that one of the passwords my mother uses was also compremised. This is 1 reason why i use random passworlds now than i did back then. Mainly as an act to protect some stuff that may be considered important to me, like my roblox account.


Are they strong passwords?

Ex: 1Ke92nxJq1Li4J9sWh1UY

Did you just tell us your password?! :what:


It says example, they probably just typed in random letters for that

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Oh ok whew :sweat_smile:

Personally I think it does this if you have the same password for a lot of accounts. As I have this and absolutely nothing has happened no records of logins or anything.

That doesn’t mean someone could’ve still compromised your credentials though. It’s better to be overly cautious rather than not being cautious at all.

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A good trick is to make passwords out of words, numbers, and similar that actually associate with the platform you’re logging into, so every set of credentials, even if the uname is the same, the pw is unique. Replacing letters with numbers and punctuation, where punctuation is permitted in the password, hardens it further, especially if you don’t use standard associations. That is, avoid the standard leet speak exchanges of 4 for A, or 3 for E, etc. Design your own cypher. You can then use that across all your passwords, to harden them, but you won’t have passwords across multiple platforms.