Payed for a server but there was an error. I was still charged


I had purchased the £0.99 server charge to play with my friends, after confirming the purchase the game told me there was an error and the world could not be created. I tried it again and was charged again too. I’m left with no server and a wasted £1.98. Appalling.


Are you using android or Apple? If you are using google play, check your email for the receipt of the purchase and you can PM milla the receipt and your concern (including the world name) right here on this forum. When this happened to me, milla helped me really quickly. She will be happy to help. I’m not so sure about Apple but I’m guessing there is also a receipt of purchase.

Right now your trust level isn’t high enough to start a PM, but browse the forums for a while and then you should be able to PM milla :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums by the way!


I have had this issue when adding credit to my server.

iPad Air, WiFi + Celluar, iOS 12.1.1 . Model: MD792B/A.


I’ve PMed @jiarke.

@Lord-Hyness I prefer it if you don’t @ Dave about support issues. I am putting together a report for him about this. If you’ve had credit not get added and not come to me about this please do PM me.


I don’t think you should edit it out either. Then Dave would get a ghost mention.