Peachy Marble (Survival server)

Hi guys I made a server! Again. :joy: The server is survival and it’s kind of a community kind of server (You can have a job or ask if we need anything and we’ll pay you in coins!) . It’s called Peachy Marble! We are definitely looking for players who are regularly on! We like playing survivor (I transferred everything from my old server to this new one) We BARELY traveled anywhere! I will list the rules down below! We’re all friendly and open arms to those who like building and chatting during these rough times! Much love and hope to see you there! (Ps… we give starters if you find the secret word in the greeting message)

We do not give out portal chests!

NO STEALING! If you are caught (You will get kicked 1st offense and then banned for the second time)

No begging for Moderator & Admin
(You thought it would work? :woozy_face:)

This server is survival! Please don’t beg for items that aren’t essential (If food is needed we have a tiny farm on the left for anyone!)

NO swearing! There’s individuals of all different kind of ages that play! Please keep it friendly!

These will result to an automatic BAN :

Hacking in ANY FORM (Even if it’s “helpful”)

DO NOT break anyone’s creations
Why would you do that? :pleading_face:

Bullying is NOT tolerated and WILL CERTAINLY have you banned!

This server prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type regarding to race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identification, or expression.

If you have any more questions please see the Owner or any Admin / Moderator to help!

To join the world! Here’s a link


I’m convinced that nobody these days will think it’ll work.


:slight_smile: We think so too!

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My brother is transgender so I wanted my rules to be inclusive as well! :green_heart: Got to protect EVERYONE


Hi! I will open it up now. We’ve been hacked 3-4 times so far! :sob:

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