Performance issues


The game takes a while to load when resuming from another app. This happens more severely with multiplayer worlds, with the game kicking me out instead from the server. This also happens when waking up the device.


I’ve found this on iOS, too. Switching from the app while in a server to quickly adjust my view of a building grid I’ve saved in photos tends to kick me instead of just pausing.


I think the most common issue was the device was really really hot to touch after playing for some time.
I’m using iPad 2.
And my android(Samsung Grand Quattro) crashed (or severe lag that was unplayable)every time(it’s a slow device anyway)


I wouldn’t be surprised, considering that’s a really old and extremely outdated device.


So does new devices won’t heat up?


My device is from 2017, yet it still heats up…


No, but they heat up less often.


My iPhone8 doesn’t heat up any more than with any other game. Neither does my iPad Pro. I don’t play on my older devices, but the less powerful the hardware, the more load on it when playing. Your battery life will be shorter, your performance worse, and your hardware may heat up more, though that does depend on the specific hardware.


I have blockheads on an iPad 1. I can’t even play multiplayer anymore, and my iPad mini 2 broke. :frowning:


I’ve tried playing Blockheads on an iPad 1 too.

To say the least, it was a living hell to the point where it was unplayable.


Cant believe the ipad 1 outlived the ipad mini2


I used to have an iPad one, but I do not now.


It’s a miracle, I guess. XD