Pet Cave Trolls


Do pet cave trolls pass away if you do not feed them?

But actually informed answer, not guessing please.


Cave trolls don’t die from lack of food


They never need to eat after you tame them. They do have a health and hunger bar, but the hunger never goes down. I have seen trolls take damage before. They might eat if they are damaged.

I tamed many of my pet trolls soon after 1.7 rolled out. None of them have ever been hungry.


And now I have another question: Will feeding them heal them up, even though they don’t require any food?




Your pet has a nice name. :joy:


Untamed cave trolls only die if another player or yourself kills them. If you tame them, I don’t know forsure, but you may want to keep a feeder chest filled with gold coins. You tame cave trolls with gold coins- Feed one coin per day for ten days.


Keeping a feeder chest of gold coins isn’t nessary because they never get hungry. They also log off the server when you do. That means nobody will have an opportunity to kill them when you are not there.


You need money (1 gold ingot can make 10 gold coins, enough for ONE TROLL) to tame/feed (the latter is optional) a cave troll.


Has anyone else experienced the issue of some trolls seemingly not being able to be tamed?
On one I used 99 Gold coin ???


I‘ve once accidentally hit one & afterwards it became impossible to tame him, is it possible that someone else has hit him?


I don’t think it’s possible to tame on expert mode. I’ve tried it and on, like, 30 coins, I still couldn’t tame it. I dunno forsure though.


When pets aren’t fed (but in this case, I guess trolls don’t) , their hunger/health bar goes down. If they reach the health of zero due to being unfed, they become untamed again.


Can you retame them? And do you just keep a feeder chest with coins in it?


There have been many trolls tamed on expert worlds. That isn’t the problem. Have you made sure nobody else is also trying to tame that troll? When taming a troll I usually stay on the server until they are tame. If it is a survival server you can meditate between feedings. For expert try hoping in a trade portal placed beside the troll between feedings. Make sure the troll is trapped so he will not wonder off. They key is to stay within range of the troll so they become hungry faster. They will only become ready to eat soon if you stay close. It is about the same distance as you can get from them before they stop following you. You also have to hand feed all the coins to tame them. Any food from a feeder chest will not work to tame any mob.


Ok, thx. Maybe someone else taming the troll. After all, me and a few other friends found it together. I usually tame it right after it’s found, and no one knows about the troll. I attempted to tame it a few days later. Perhaps one of the others tamed it halfway and so that’s the reason. Thank you so much!