Pet Teleportation Cage


Now that we have pets that we can ride into hostile environments we need a way to not lose our pets if we die. How about a cage that brings your pet back to you? If you die while riding your pet unicorn just set your teleport cage down and your unicorn will teleport into the cage.

The cage can be made on a diamond portal. It would require a cage, a platinum block, a portal, and 200tc. The cage would have to be linked to the unicorn before riding him or it would not be able to teleport him.


200 tc?
That’s pretty high, even for a majical cage

And could the majical cage reset the pet it is applied to?


200 sounds fair to me. Between the 4th and 5th blockhead, at least.


It teleports your valuable pets of course it will costs tc!


What about 100 tc?


A fair compromise with that is probably 120, that of the creation of a (regular) portal.


The crafting recipe is extreme. maybe make it using a portal and a cage instead of 200 tc

or make it, caged (animal of your choice) + platinum block + portal


I would change the Tc to 100 so it is the exact cost of Tc for a portal


Well it’s really big changed earning Tc is so really hard this day. Watching ads every 10 minutes to watch again and from the cave, it’s kinda rare to find Tc blocks in the cave. Someone noticed this even me.


If you are crafting often and you are watching the tc adds every 10 minutes — like I have been in expert mode —then you are probably noticing that you are earning a lot more tc than you used too. The teleportation cage would be a worthy use of well earned tc.


200 tc is fair. I shall use it for only my most faithful subje–pets.