Pets disappear to lag ;_;

Hi there! Meet Sneezy, a cave troll I tamed today (with much difficulty) and (painfully) brought all the way home from 140tc away in Giants. Well…almost…

Unfortunately, while I was riding him home (I was just a few blocks away!!) a temporary cloud outage happened, and @Brer-Rabbit and myself both disconnected at the same time. (we were the only people online)

Upon reconnection, we realised Sneezy disappeared. :cry: I tried searching through the entire pathway where I rode Sneezy home, to the point where I found him, but to no avail.

I tried relaunching the app and brer tried a /stop, but nothing worked. Sneezy was gone. :frowning: None of Brer’s trolls disappeared, however.

But then, Brer-rabbit did a very good job of cheering me up by pretending to be Sneezy. XD

Thank you so much brer, I mean Sneezy. I will never forget what you did for me today :slight_smile:


Here’s my POV. :slight_smile:
Sneezy’s watching us in troll heaven.

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How troll disappeared on same devices or tell me who’s the owner of the tamed troll? Isn’t possible troll can back to life with Revert to day 1 by requesting to milla?

I don’t want to revert to day 1 on a highly develped world… Ray owned the troll.

So it means his troll disappeared using his Android device. The category should be in #bugs-glitches-android

It probably wasn’t the fault of the Android device, but the server crash. That’s my guess.

It happened when the server crashed and you all been disconnected and chat reseted?

Yep, both of us disconnected and the chat cleared…and the troll disappeared ;_;

Well Thanks for the explanation how your troll disappeared because it’s not normal maybe I can see some of your animals disappeared when you caged them and you crashed but the Troll went gone without doing nothing that’s really weird and really Sorry about what you lost today :cry:

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I suppose it does belong in Android since you were riding the troll though?

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So ray riding on his tamed troll when the crashed server happened?


Probably that’s why the troll disappeared like when ray accidentally disconnects the troll too :what:

@Ray did you also lose a basket to an unknown? Is that what one of the photos shows?

No, it was my big fat finger touching the screen while pressing the home button and lock button to take a screenshot XD

Ok. Well, this is a pretty bad bug. It’s one thing to lose a dodo or donkey or even a unicorn which you can always replace through breeding. Trolls, however, are a fixed supply. They can’t be caged for safety. I hope Dave addresses this.


Rip sneezy


A moment of silence for Sneezy. :us: :cry:


I was tilting my ipad sideways to bring another cave troll I found (Sneezy II :slight_smile: ) when THE SERVER CRASHED. Got kicked out of the world, the chat cleared and when I reentered the world, HE WAS GONE.

I got a huge wave of shock. Frantically I checked the surroundings, but he was gone. :frowning:

SO VERY thankfully, he reappeared a few seconds later, a few blocks away. I think this bug is (probably) android specific. PHEW! :slight_smile:

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sneezy? :sneezing_face: