Pick your top three suggestions for 2018


Out of interest, and because I know which suggestions are my favourites, can people please post their top three (ONLY three) suggestions posted in 2018? I was going to post mine, but I don’t want to influence anyone, so I’ll leave mind until enough of you guys have posted.

You can’t post any more than three in the whole thread, so think about it really carefully, and remember that if you change your mind and find another one you consider to be in your top three, you have to delete one of the others!

I’ll delete posts by anyone posting more than three, to make sure everyone sticks to the limit :grin:


How do you recommend we choose a favorite? Most well put together? Stuff I’d like to see added / restored the most? Most obvious that this should be in the game?


It doesn’t matter why you think they’re the best suggestions. Some will go for fun factor. Some will go for pretty things. Others will be completely pragmatic. They’re all good ways to choose. The tricky bit is sticking to three or fewer.



How am i supposed to know what my top 3 suggestions i like are, there are dozens of them and i have over almost 200 of them made. :confused:


A lot of my favorite suggestions were from 2017… so I can’t post them :confused:

(has been requested every few months since cloud servers were released… but this one was posted in 2018)

There were a few others I liked from this year… but 2017 was the year of amazing suggestions for me.



Hmmm… There were a lot of suggestions made this year, it’s hard to choose just three.

These two must be my favourites:

And, I am just gonna drop my own suggestion here.




Ah, I haven’t been paying attention to suggestions this year at all…does this mean we’re getting another update? :open_mouth:
Or is it just a survey for fun?
(OP does say ‘out of interest’, so I don’t know why I get my hopes up).




My OWN 2018 top three:


Here are the top three that I think will make the game better.




Now we’re just waiting for milla to state hers, unless there are more people.


I won’t post mine. I keep my opinions to myself on stuff like this.


Nope no more people :wink: