Pick your top three suggestions for 2018


I really have no opinion on this matter. But i would like to choose my suggestion of a “+” and “-” buttons for shops.


I’d like to remove the shading so things like tulip breeding are more visible without the little bit of shade from compost or other blocks making the colours on the tulips darker or hard to see clearly.

It’s not just brown that is hard to match, I’d like to have more variety’s and brighter pinks… a nice bright pink that could match the pink donkey colour would be nice. :slight_smile:️ At the moment we can make light pink or magenta’s.

I’ll add a third one when I see another idea I like. :slight_smile:
It’s hard to choose 3/10000’s :sweat_smile:


Quite. With a massive amount of ideas to choose from, even those seemingly trivial, it’s kind of hard to choose just one. I personally want to select a few of my own, but that would be unfair to all the other ideas out there. :thinking:


Now you know how we feel, and why we have such specific rules about how suggestions are posted.


Ahhhhh why three? Why not five? XD