Pictures of Singleplayer Worlds


I think that we should play more singleplayer games.
After all, there are players who join and just go right to multiplayer worlds. I think the Blockheads community should rediscover the joy in SP worlds.

Post your SP pictures here! Infinite possibilities (and SP is free)!

These are pictures from one of my custom SP worlds. I may have been hosting local network at the time.


Lol - I used to have sp pictures, but they’re from 1.5



Here’s a pic of my 1/16th world that I strip mined using an average of 8x8. It has been stripped of ALL ores, clay, flint, dirt except for the surface blocks needed to maintain form. I still have my base set up for gardens and crafting what mine from other worlds.

Later, when bored enough, I’ll mine out all blocks of stone as well as collect the water or mop it out. Maybe I’ll let water sink to lava for a basalt sea. Heeheehee


My goodness! How long did that take for you to do?


I was working on this while bouncing in and out of SGE, Rabbithole, and private server to have Bh’s do job listings, craft factory style, and farm. It was about a six month process in all.


Wow! That must have taken a lot of work!


Yes ma’am, yet worth it!:nerd_face: