I created a thread so members of the Blockheads forum (and possibly players) can discuss the server, PiePlace. It’s a public server, and nature-based and regular gameplay seever. Hope you like it. There’re two owners, and their player names are PIE<3 and SHAD0W. The server has quite a few rules, so it’s best to read over them before going on from spawn. Good luck!
Crystal314 (staff of PiePlace)

lol i always get asked if im the owner of pie place XD

I can’t imagine why :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s because people get PiePlace and World Of Pie mixed up.

Heck, I used to think that too XD

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world of pie?

i think its because my IGN is i like pie…

Hmm… I think I’ve seen a player with the player name, I LIKE PIE before.

Guys I’ve been banned from pie place and I’m really unsure why? I have no idea what I’ve done wrong. Please unban me, so I can discuss it with admin or the owners

Me to

Could you two please state your username (IGN)? The staff have a banned list, and I might be able to figure out why with a little more information.

Also, PiePlace has successfully been converted to the Cloud. For some reason, I cannot paste the link. You can search it under “Search”, which is under “Join World” and the world is called PiePlace - owned by SHAD0W.

That’s the link for the Cloud server, PiePlace, if you want to join. Buddy, Blockheads 1.5.1 update should be available for Android now.

Hey Crystal I’m sure u remember me from a while ago. I have two questions though one do I have to start over again? And two when is the server online?

It has been online for a while. I posted the link somewhere here. Yes, you’ll probably have to start over, since you did not pack up during the past two or so resets.

PiePlace is hosting a treasure hunt on the nineteenth at 12:00 p.m GMT-7:00.

OMG CRYSTAL,I FOUND U. IM CRAFT,FROM STEAM GALAXY. Btw I luv pieplace! Its so pretty and calmed. See ya!! Craft- :smiley:

Not to be rude, but are you the person who advertised for PiePlace somewhere else…?
Edit: Never mind, the person who I asked who it was said the player name started with “Sweet”.

Are you the crystal i know? I miss pieplace so much, i dont even know how to contact members, Im Bella… Remember me?

Miss it, Ipads dead, Saddd but excited i found pieplace once again

I hope I was remembered

Yes, I’m the Crystal you know. And yes, I remember you. You can always re-download Blockheads and update it to get Cloud servers, then you can play on PiePlace again, though, a lot of old players left…

By the way, PiePlace is recruiting active and rule-following members currently. We need some additions to the staff team. Message me a request for the recruitment form (not to be shared with anyone but yourself).

Thank you

Crystal! Im at the pieplace… riight about now! I am th only person there. Which is weird.
Is Trainer yun still there? <3

Old thread, but no. I have left The Blockheads and have been focusing on school.