Piggy Banks (For Storing coins)

There needs to be an efficient way of holding money instead of using multiple safes or putting your money into a shop.

That’s why I am suggesting the piggy bank.

There will be 3 types of piggy banks, the clay piggy bank, the iron piggy bank, and the diamond piggy bank.

Lets start off how you use them before getting into the crafting of it.

First, you tap the piggy bank and then press “insert coins”. When you insert coins all of the coins in your inventory will be inserted into the bank. Of course each bank will have a limit.

The clay piggy bank will only be able to hold 32 stacks, or 3,168 coins. The iron piggy bank will be able to hold 128 stacks, or 12,672 coins. And the diamond piggy bank will be able to hold 512 stacks, or 50,688 coins in total. (you can see the amount of coins when you tap the piggy bank - Ex: (6,534/50,688)

Of course to avoid lag after you have inserted the coins you will see an option to “remove coins” on the piggy bank. There will be 4 options of withdrawing coins. 1 coin, 99 coins, 4 stacks, and entire inventory.

Every time you withdraw 4 stacks, or your entire inventory. There will be a cooldown of 5 seconds to prevent spam.

When your inventory is full the piggy bank will tell you that you will need to clear your inventory before progressing.
Also, there is the added benefit of when for example 99 gold coins are inserted and a 100th one is inserted, it will convert to a platinum coin.

Piggy banks can be either accessed in your inventory, or placed so donations can go into the piggy bank. If however the piggy bank is clay people will be able to take any money from the piggy bank.

Now to get to crafting, which is simple enough

To craft the clay piggy bank you will need to go to the kiln and use 2 clay, and 10 copper coins to make it. This will take 30 seconds.

To craft the iron piggy bank you will need to go to the metalwork bench and use 2 iron, 2 fur, 1 gold coin, and 1 black glass to make it. This will take a minute.

To craft the diamond piggy bank you will need to go to a level 6 portal and use 5 diamonds, 100 time crystals, 1 platinum coin. This will take 5 seconds.

If you do happen to like this idea, show me that you do by leaving a heart. :slight_smile:


I like it!


So do I!

good idea

Seems like a rough concept, a piggy bank is cool but I feel it’s weird to have to insert your entire inventory. What if I want to keep a stack of platinum or gold or something? Also I might want to remove three stacks of gold but the bank turned all my gold into platinum. Maybe have a larger size chest, not specifically for money. (Diamond safe and Diamond chest?) It’ll have 25 slots instead of 16. They use a Diamond and a chest or safe to craft