Pink donkeys won’t breed a white donkey

So I’ve been working on getting unicorns. It’s been a long process but I finally have pink donkeys. I have one tamed and about 4 more. But for the past few days they won’t breed the next generation. They just keep spawning more pink or purple donkeys. One even spawned a yellow donkey. I don’t know why.

Probably the best thing to do would be putting all the pink ones (the ones they produce, and breed) on a bigger space (I recommend something like 8 blocks long)
And wait.

The higher the level the more patience is required with all the animals on blockheads. Just keep removing the lower level ones that are born and increase your pink ones to increase your chances of getting a white one.

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Maybe tame a 2nd or 3rd pink one as well.

Ive been trying there stubborn. Been feeding them since they were a “baby” lol

It will happen. It is sometimes just painfully slow at some levels.

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BTW you will sometimes get colours you don’t expect, because there is a random element of mutation in the equation.

Like real genetics, just a lot more common.


Increase your chances.

Tame MANY of the same colour and remove any other colour. Make sure they have plenty of space. If you have many block heads, it’s a good idea to assign one of them to farming and animal breeding/taming. As far as I know, all taming, no matter the level, takes a similar amount of food. That’s if you are being diligent and not missing a single day for feeding.

@milla That’s weird, I have bred so many donkeys and unicorns and dodos, and the mutation is pretty much always previous, the same or the next tier. Never a random.

It would be interesting if the random mutation happened this time round when I do the breeding all over again.