Pinning comments to a thread


Though I feel this idea could potentially be relevant to all posts. I was thinking specifically for say server threads: The ability to pin posts on a thread.

How would it work?
Pinned comments would appear at the top of a thread chronologically. And once the person starts to scroll the entire thread would collapse and appear. Only the owner of that thread would be able to pin messages.

Especially in server threads -often become full of off topic day to day server stuff, it would be very help full for important server updates and announcements. Would also be a interesting way to preview a servers journey.


Great idea!


This would also be useful in staff group PMs where we have important announcements.


I have to ask: Why are you posting this here, and not on the Discourse developer forums? We have no desire to render our Discourse licence un-upgradeable by customising it. If you post this over on their forums, however, they may consider it.


There’s actually a Discourse plug in that’s very similar to your suggestion.


Oh sorry, I didn’t know. I just thought you could change a sites settings. I didn’t know this had anything to do with Discourse.


No problem. We can change site settings. Suggesting a new functionality for the board isn’t quite like requesting a setting change though :slight_smile: