Pixel art by georgie

This is my latest art on the coaldust server. I shall post all my future art on this thread.

Previous pictures of my art can be found on

Skeeves gigantic empire thread

Georgie’s watch thread


Great work! When you started, it looked like fishbone to me :slight_smile:

really nice georgie :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I’m now stockpiling for my next project

My latest pixel art


Wow Incredıble! I Just Made A Girl And Nyan Cat :stuck_out_tongue:

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That coca cola is epic

Wow you are great at pixel art!

Wow, that’s awesome!! I went underneath it, and could see the bottom of it, now I can see the whole picture. Beautiful!!

That’s amazing!! You do such beautiful work!!!

once again, really nice pixel art georgie :smiley:

woooooahhhhh awesome work georgieeee

I like them both. They’re amazing! :smiley:

I got to see these two just recently and won’t travel far from where I am so I can come back n see the one in progress atm. I love your pixel art.

My latest pixel art on my new public server golden ruins. This dragon only took me 5 hours [emoji4]



[SIZE=1]I am lost for words.[/SIZE]




only It looks amazing!!!

It’s totally gorgeous! Amazing work!!!

Thanks guys I’ve already started my next project but I’m in no rush with this one [emoji5]️

I’m dieing of jealousity :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not good at making pixel arts. , only photographing :frowning: