Pixel Art By Number

Pixel art is hard. This tool makes it a bit easier.


This is the third iteration of the SKEEVATRON. Skeeve make an excel spreadsheet that did it, then I built a web version, but that broke sometime… So here’s version that runs in your browser and shouldn’t ever break.

Start with an image like this:

Get out an image like this and a recipe sheet so you know what you need:


My friend would love this, but she uses Internet Explorer 11. Will it still work?

And the Max Colors feature is something I always wanted to implement in the Skeevatron but never took the time.


No, and I won’t put any effort into supporting it. No open source dev who values their time wastes it on a dead browser like IE. IE is not supported by:

  • YouTube
  • Discord
  • Discourse (in 2 months)

I made a version that works in IE11 because I don’t value my time. https://wingysam.github.io/bh-pixel-art/tool/index.html

Please note that this isn’t supported, I just wanted to see if it would work if I did something and it did.

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Thanks! My friend will appreciate this special version. :slight_smile:

Google chrome, skeevatron 3.0, iPad Air + picture = bad combination

Less I don’t know how it quite works…

What exactly are you having trouble with? Seems to work on my older iOS device.

Maybe it has to do with HEIF?

So this seems to work alright for images you’d grab off the internet, but I kind of persistently run into problems when trying to translate anything I’ve drawn.

Namely, I keep getting this peculiar pink colour every time I run an image through.



Is there any way to blacklist a certain colour so that it doesn’t appear, like this weird digitized-paper-purple?

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Something like this?

Kind of.

But I wish it was able to recognize that the part it’s taking out of the cheek is the same grey as the rest of the phoenix’s head. Or that it would get rid of all those nonsense colours it inevitably creates.

I imagine something like that’s probably more reliant on me taking a better picture, though.

Great tool. Giving it a go now. Fingers crossed I didn’t go too large.
(Yes this is dredge :smiling_imp: I want to see more pixel artists)

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It’s a radio telescope because why not.


Sorry if this should have been in pictures, bit rusty on the forum.