Pixel Art by Skeeve

Now that I invented the Skeevatron, I figure that I will be doing a lot more pixel art, so I thought I would start a thread to showcase my work.

First up is my Medieval Castle located about 140 TC right of spawn on Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire. I began working on it long before I created the Skeevatron, but building this is part of the impetus that drove me to write that program.

It may look simple, but the “bricks” are the height of your blockhead and therefore the castle walls are at least 7 blockheads in height. It’s quite an imposing structure when you stand in front of it. Oh and by the way, the worldwide railway passes right below it at ground level.

Here it is zoomed out:

And here is a section zoomed in. To see the rest, come to SGE and ride the rails ----> thataway!

Your emperor awaits patiently in front to greet you😃


Whooooa…! I don’t even try to build castles, it would just end in disaster… this is awesome!!!


Thanks, but really quite inferior to some of the incredible stuff I see on Atmos. But, you just gotta enjoy what you do and not always make comparisons I suppose. I did have fun making it.


Woah that is some good building! :blush:
I love seeing the effort and dedication put into a piece of art! Fantastic! :smile:


I love it!!! What an epic sight to pass through on your train!


on SGE??? but I was just there n didn’t see it… no doubt it’s further than 600 tc -----> thataway… lol

Long time ago, I went to visit my good neighbour Aacorn… having more than one bh, I got distracted and left my BH riding the rails by handcart and I didn’t see the scorpion patch!! Am still trying to make it back to my base from spawn… *sigh.

Indeed… we aught not to compare our builds with others… enjoy the building process and maybe, nobody else has made that build you’re working on but maybe… just may be someone might want to copy our inspiring build… … or be inspired to make something along the lines of what you’ve created… So many styles of castles… I love them ALL!!!


It’s actually only about 140 TC to the right of Spawn.
It’s easy to miss while traveling because as you pass by you are only seeing the lower walls - and might think it’s just a plain-looking gravel and stone wall, not seeing whole picture.

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Looks amazing!!
So glad SGE is coming back to life! Ill be sure to go over and check it out


Key Lime Pie is getting there…

My daughter created her own original My Little Pony character called Key Lime Pie, and I Skeevatroned it and then started building it on SGE. Unfortunately, it’s taking longer than I anticipated, and there are about 10 different shades of green!! (You can’t really tell from this image, only in a close up).

I figured I might as well post my progress so far.

By the way, that brown bar above her tail is just where I’m storing my paints for the project.
I can’t keep straight which paint color goes with what recipe, so I labeled chests with the recipes and colored them for easy reference.


Those are amazing!


Key Lime Pie is my absolute favorite dessert. Yum! She has very good taste, and a wonderfully engaged and loving dad. I like seeing parents and their kids enjoying this game together.


I’m a huge fan of Key Lime Pie myself. It’s just such a unique tart and sweet dessert - can’t be matched by anything out there.

My daughter is fickle when it comes to The Blockheads. She will one day be all into it and will create a new world which she will host on local network and we’ll play together. Then the next day, she’ll be playing Cat Simulator :lol:


Can I declare myself as the blockhead King and take over your castle?

Well since, there’s no one living in it at present, might as well :lol:

And Key Lime is complete!
My daughter, Adriana for the original drawing.
The Skeevatron for color conversion and recipe grid.


I would also like to share a tiny little enhancement to the adjacent castle.

It bothered me that there were no support structures so…

Jet Packs can be designed for castles, too :joy::joy:


Yes, I thought about the double post, but wondering if an exception can be made for picture threads… I was too eager to wait for another post :sweat_smile:


Nice this looks amazing!

Wait wait wait… BACK UP A SEC

I’ve known about the skeeveatron before… known it for around two weeks… but I never knew it was by u fam!
Nice, it’s really cool how u made such a helpful program!
I’m yet to try it yet though! I will do in the future![quote=“Skeeve, post:1, topic:55776”]
Now that I invented the Skeevatron, I figure that I will be doing a lot more pixel art, so I thought I would start a thread to showcase my work.

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ha ha ha… you will need another 5 BH’s to make the fuel to keep that castle fired up… LOL the ‘support’ is much better than having a castle floating in air, not even on an island… well done.

Omigosh, can you imagine the cost in fuel!?
I would bet they would consume as much as 400 jet packs. 100 for each section. Which would be about 4000 fuel every ten minutes :scream: