Pixel art interval recommendation (solved)


So I’m building something and I’d like to ask what the recommended vertical interval for interactivity is, that is to say, the space between doors to allow the exploration of a solid construction’s interior in order to clear the fog within.


Use luminous plaster then there’s no darkness


Or imbed lights


Neither of those options allow a non admin to clear fog from the middle of a build. I usually go by trial and error. I typically use a non admin testing account to see if I can see everything or not, just because it’s different for each build. It also depends on which device you are using. The smaller the screen the smaller the area it clears. I always say if in doubt make the space smaller.


I agree with oreo. I always play on an iphone and I notice a huge difference between the fog I clear and when someone comes later with an ipad.

I would say around 10 blocks is very safe and no bigger than 20.


Thank you veru much, @222oreo333 and @jemnidad, these are exactly the answers I was looking for. Welp, time for testing. •-•


I was actually gonna say, 15 is probably your best bet to start. Then go through it and test to see how the fog clears. Once you get a feel for it it gets a lot easier


The space is 17 blocks.